Bees, Beetles and Fish? What have these got to do with skincare?

There are many animal derived ingredients in skincare some of which are processed using cruel methods and some not. As a consumer it would be useful to understand what ingredients are animal derived, as this is not always obvious, and make a decision about whether you wish to use these ingredients. You don't need to be vegan to love animals too and make a choice! 

Lanolin, beeswax, animal derived Hyaluronic Acid, Carmine and guanine are all animal derived. An animal may or may not die in the extraction of these ingredients but those that don't die are usually not treated particularly well. Plus, there are so many amazing plant based ingredients which we can use instead like Shea butter, coconut oil, floral waters, mica, plant derived hyaluronic acid and natural dyes like beetroot and red Gromwell root.

Bee on flower

Photo by Alexas Fotos from Pexels

Beeswax, a natural byproduct of bee hive construction is used in many cosmetics for its creamy consistency and occlusive properties. Large scale harvesting of beeswax has resulted in a desire for ethically sourced beeswax but how about a non animal based alternative? Candelilla wax, a plant based alternative which is the only wax Keegan & Co. uses is an amazing alternative to boiling a bee's home!

Carmine, a red dye is produced using harvested beetles which are dried and crushed into a fine red powder. It may be listed as CI75470 or cochineal extract, crimson lake or E120.Used in many red lipsticks and in food products it gives an amazing bright red colour which is difficult to achieve with nature dyes. However, plant based dyes such as beetroot and red Gromwell root do give a beautiful red to pink colour emphasising your natural lip colour. We only use beetroot or red Gromwell root in our pink lip + cheek tints.

Guanine, is a pearly powder obtained from scraping scales from dead fish. It may be labled as pearl essence or CI75170. Over fishing of some species has questioned whether this ingredient is necessary. Non animal alternatives are mica a natural ingredient or synthetic pearl. We only use sparkling mica for our lip + cheek tint.

Keegan & Cos products are all vegan friendly and entirely natural. So you can have beautiful skin without harming our animal friends!

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