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Don't Recycle Reuse


At Keegan & Co. Botanicals we use only recyclable packaging combining aluminium and glass, both recyclable to infinity, with bamboo a natural and eco-friendly material. Where plastic is used this is only due to necessity and is always recyclable. However, we believe in reusing before recycling, Recycling uses energy to dismantle and re-manufacture products and although better than packaging ending up in landfill, reuse has so many more benefits than recycling.

Our gift boxes use printer’s offcuts as shredded filler. This paper is usually discarded so instead of purchasing filler was a bit silly so why not use what’s already there?

All of our bottles and jars are 100ml or less making them travel friendly. When your bottle or jar is empty, clean it, remove the labels and reuse them as travel bottles.

Our bamboo and glass jars and our aluminium tins were chosen not just for their eco-friendliness but because they look great! When empty, wash them and remove labels. The empty jars can be reused too.

  • Fill with your favourite spices and display them on your kitchen counter.
  • Fill with your fiddly office supplies like paper clips and thumbtacks and use at work.
  • Make some dried spices and green tea blends and give as gifts to friends and family.
  • Blend himalayan sea salt with dried lemon thyme and rosemary and fill jars.
  • Our 100ml tins can be cleaned and used as little storage jars too.
  • Make trail mix with nuts and dried fruit and keep them in your handbag for snacks on the go.
  • Use for little kids or big kids lunches by filling with olives, grapes or apple slices.
  • Got kids? Got Playdoh? Hate Playdoh? Keep your playdoh soft and in one place.
  • Those keys at the bottom of the junk drawer...finally find out what they open, keep in 100ml aluminium tin and mark the outside. Stick a magnet to the back and keep on the fridge.
  • Fill with thread, buttons, sewing needle, pins and a tiny scissors. Instant travel sewing kit.
  • Fill with your favourite retro sweets, tie with colourful ribbon and give as a gift.

Keegan & Co. Botanicals strives to reduce its impact on the environment. Apart from being socially responsible upcycling what you already own is fun! 

Share your wonderful creations using Keegan and Co. packaging with us via our instagram page @keegan_and_co or email to hello@keeganandcobotanicals.com

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