Eyebrow fashion? Why Mums everywhere should question its logic!

I've never been one for bothering too much with the shape of my eyebrows. I know, I know....all the literature would say they frame your face and if you get it right it can make a huge difference. However, I've noticed in recent years that the global obsession with eyebrows seems to have taken a life of its own. Or perhaps has the internet's secret algorithms decided that I should be obsessed with the shape, style, fluffyness, colour of my eyebrows!

eyebrow trends

For some reason, probably decided upon by Google's algorithm I fall into a category a women (Mum, mid 40s, getting on a bit I'd say, let's assume she's into all things appearance based) that feeds me articles about what eyebrows are in and more importantly what eyebrows are not in. So for the last few years I've noticed that the following eyebrows were and unfortunately still are a thing.

  • HD brows as opposed to the regular standard definition variety we were all born with. These are the ones that look too perfect to be real.
  • Windswept brows. Yes combing or brushing your eyebrows and setting them in place so that you look like you've just done a 10k beach walk with the kids and a dog in a storm. This is an actual thing!
  • Soap brows. Yes you read that right. Soap! This technique involves running a makeup brush across a bar of soap and combing it through your eyebrows in an upward motion so that you look a bit like Bert from Sesame Street minus the monobrow.

There are many more. Don't get me started on Halo brows. If you are curious google it but you have been warned! Perhaps fans of star trek might approve?

The first time I had my makeup done in a professional makeup shop was when the whole HD brow thing as a thing. In order to get a lovely surprise when the makeup artist was finished I decided to not sneak a peak until she was done. Big mistake! The gentle fixing of my eyebrows was in fact the application of some type of black evil forged in the depths of hell. Of course I smiled and said that it was lovely (best acting performance ever), paid quickly and practically sprinted to my car. I left the black abomination on until I got home, strolled nonchalantly into the house where my husband was and said nothing! His reaction was priceless. Obviously trying to be diplomatic in case I actually liked looking like an extra from a Christopher Lee movie "Em...eh, I'm not sure about the eyebrows". If you want an honest opinion ask an 8 year old. "Good God, what did they do to your eyebrows Mam! Wash it off now!". Which I did.

So god forbid the next time you are able to actually go out to a party, bar or restaurant half way through the night your eyebrows go out of fashion and you and every other woman in the place is seen sprinting to the bathroom, tweezer in hand for fear they might look ridiculous with unfashionable eyebrows.

I was thinking is there an equivalent for men? Do men's body parts go in and out of fashion as quickly as women's? There is certainly facial hair fashion for men with beards becoming very popular in the last number of years but men can choose to have beards or not. Eyebrows for all humans are not an option! 

I for one have decided to ignore the call for fashionable eyebrows. Even the latest trend, you will be glad to hear is for "natural" brows which makeup experts describe how to achieve in 500 easy steps and 20 products.

So ditch the call of the internet to adhere to body fashion. After all eyebrows are actually for catching sweat when we are running around being mums, working, exercising, socialising which are all the things we should actually be sweating about.



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