How do you know if you've taken off your makeup correctly?

 Probably the most important part of every bodies skincare routine, cleansing, especially when wearing makeup is one of those daily tasks that often comes with a big old sigh and a "I'm just too tired" approach. However, cleansing even whilst wearing makeup shouldn't be the chore we are all accustomed too. Some very simple steps and the right products will turn this routine into a quick but actually enjoyable process.

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Firstly, never be tempted to hop into bed even with the last few traces of foundation still on your skin let alone with a full face of makeup. However, the last thing anyone wants to endure is a 10 step process of makeup or even just plain old regular grime like dust, dirt and pollution, removal. The good news is that this step need not be complicated, take a multitude of products or take very long. Here are our top tips for easy make up removal.

01: Timing: Don't wait until you are exhausted and ready to hit the pillow to make it to the bathroom and begin your cleanse. If possible when you come home from your day at work or play and before you settle down for the evening get cleansing. This means that you can give yourself the time you need to really do a good job and it also gives your skin more time to breathe. Plus those few extra hours of makeup free skin layered in your favourite night time skincare products really gives the active ingredients more time to get to work.

02: Oil in oil do mix: The principle of like with like may be familiar to you but this applies to skincare as well as many other areas in life. It may seem counter intuitive to use oil to remove oily makeup from skin but oil based cleansers do an amazing job of dissolving even the most stubborn foundations and even waterproof mascara. Keegan & Co's Moisturising + Cleansing Balm uses the most nourishing oils, plant butters and waxes to gently but effectively remove all traces of makeup, sweat, pollution and daily grime. Take a few moments to really massage your facial skin. This will dislodge all makeup but also give your skin a good, nourishing massage to make your skin look and feel better as you cleanse. If you are having an evening shower how about leaving your cleanser on like a mask. As you brush your teeth, floss, get your towel ready allow the steam from the shower to allow your oil cleanser to penetrate and get to work. Wash away with a warm, damp face cloth. Better still use a light coloured face cloth so you can really see that make up removal. 

Keegan & Co. Moisturising + Cleansing Balm

Moisturising + Cleansing Balm

03: The double cleanse: Double cleanse! I hear you sigh. I want to single cleanse. From time to time a quick single cleanse as described above will suffice especially if you are really exhausted and need to hit the hay. However, when time allows a quick swipe of a second cleanser after your oil cleanse is recommended. In the old days, and I mean about 10 years ago! A toner was all the rage. These toners were made with alcohol and mainly stripped skin of all of its lovely, moisturising oils. Yes a squeaky clean feel was the result but this only encourages parched skin to produce more oils as a counterbalance leading to even more oily skin and breakouts. Thankfully skincare has some a long way in a very short space of time. In Korea, the epicentre of all things skincare essences are all the rage. Somewhere between a serum and an old fashioned toner minus the alcohol an essence can be used as a second cleanse. A few drops of Keegan & Cos Hydrating Treatment Essence on a reusable cotton pad swept over the skin after an oil cleanse will remove any last traces of makeup and and residue of oil. A few more drops patted onto skin and your face will be clean and healthy but also hydrated.

Treatment Essence With Hydrating Hyaluronic Acid

Treatment Essence with Hydrating Hyaluronic Acid

04: Oops you missed a bit: Take those few extra seconds to tie your hair back or better still use a hairband to push your hair away from your face. Many people tend to concentrate their cleansing routine to the areas of the face which are most visible but hair lines and jaw lines can accumulate dry skin, makeup and pollution. As a result breakouts in these areas are common if left uncleansed. So really get massaging that balm into every nook and cranny. Funny face pulling is a must at this stage!

05: Good morning sunshine: It might surprise you to know that if you effectively cleanse your skin before bed there is really no need to cleanse again come morning. In the case of dry skin too much cleansing may cause further dryness. Oily skin types may wish to cleanse come morning but a lighter cleanse such as using a hydrosol or essence on a reusable cotton pad may suffice.

And last but not least apply your favourite moisturiser followed by an oil serum such as Keegan & Cos Bakuchiol serum and catch up on those zzzzs! 

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