Time to get those toes out into the sunshine!

It seems like summer has finally arrived and we're dusting the cobwebs off our sandals and open toe shoes ready to set our 10 little supportive friends free into the open air again. But then we look down at our poor little piggies, all squashed, nail polish chipped, dry cracked heels and wonder how these two feet even survived the winter! Well fear not at Keegan & Co. we have a few quick and easy tips to get those feet as right as rain. 

Feet in sand

Your first step to getting your toes in tip top shape is to do a quick foot soak and scrub. If you have time a big bowl of warm soapy water is just the ticket. Add a good handful of epsom salt and white vinegar to help with a detox and to soften any dry skin and nail cuticles. If you don't have time for a foot soak a hot shower will do but get down and really give those feet a good scrub. 

Next, scrub, scrub scrub!

DIY foot scrub recipe

You don't need to buy any fancy shop bought scrubs as it is super simple to make your own. You need two basic ingredients: an oil and an abrasive in this case coconut oil and salt or sugar.


1 Cup of coconut oil
1 Cup of salt such as Himalayan rock or epsom salt or 1 cup of sugar
Optional a few drops of peppermint essential oil


Simply mix the coconut oil and salt or sugar in a bowl until a paste forms. Add your drops of peppermint essential oil (please use essential oils sparingly as they are extremely potent. If you are pregnant or breast feeding consult with your doctor before using any essential oils)

How to apply

After soaking feet in warm water, epsom salt, vinegar solution pat dry. Apply your DIY foot scrub in circular motions paying particular attention to very dry areas such as heels and balls of feet. Soak feet again to remove scrub. Pat dry.

The final steps

Probably the final and most important step is to moisturise and remove cuticles before applying nail polish. An amazingly potent balm for feet is our Moisturising + Cleansing Balm. Apply a small amount to your newly scrubbed feet and give yourself a lovely foot massage. Better still get someone else to give you a foot massage! Using a wooden orange stick or a metal cuticle remover very gently push back your cuticles to reveal amazingly clean and nail polish ready toes. A quick buff of the nails, a cut and file if needed and apply your fave colour. 

Before Bed

Bed socks

Before bed apply another layer of our Moisturising + Cleansing Balm to your feet, pop on a pair of your favourite cotton socks and allow the balm to do its magic over night. This is to avoid our balm getting all over your sheets and staying on your skin where it will do its work overnight.

Well, I'm off to have a wonderful foot soak, scrub and massage! I'll share the results on Instagram. We'd love to see your results too. 

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