Where do Irish women buy locally produced skincare products?

More and more Irish women are becoming interested in buying locally produced skincare products with an eco-friendly ethos. When lock down happened in March 2020 and a 2 km distance rule applied many Irish women found that their local environment held many amazing, often overlooked shops, local craft producers and small Irish makers. 

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Top tips for sourcing skincare locally

01 Take a walk: Many small villages and towns have high street shops which stock and support local producers. The drive to shop locally has been growing exponentially since lock down with many women discovering that their local environment has a plethora of amazing shops, markets and local suppliers within walking distance of their homes. Plus walking will add to your step count!

02 Look for local markets: Local markets are often the perfect place to find very local skincare sellers. What is amazing about this is that often the actual person who made the product will be the person selling it to you unlike in a shop. You can ask questions, sample products and get a good feel for the face behind the brand.

03 Visit Irish craft websites: There are many catalogue style websites which only stock small Irish makers often with an eco-friendly ethos. These can be a great source for information as you can often see many producers in one go. You can then choose to buy from these sites or from the small producer's website directly. Examples include:

  • Croia Ireland: Excellent skincare section which features Keegan & Co. products among others. Visit here
  • Minimal Waste Grocery: Ireland's original zero waste grocery delivery service. We have all your pantry staples, hard-to-find bath and beauty refills, and household cleaning refills - all plastic free. We focus on stocking superior products from small Irish producers, organic where possible, making it easy for you to cut down on waste while supporting small independent Irish businesses. Featuring Keegan & Co's Lip + Cheek tint. Visit here.
  • Green Outlook: Another great online store for all things Irish, eco-friendly and made by small producers. visit here
  • Faerly: a considered collection of everyday items from small Irish makers and eco-conscious brands. Visit here

04 Design & Crafts Council: The Design & Crafts Council of Ireland supports local and national craft makers including soap manufacturers. They have an online database of suppliers with information and links to their websites where you can purchase directly. Visit dcci.ie

04 Google maps: Many local businesses are registered on Google maps. If you travel virtually around your locality you will see many businesses that you may not have even realised were there. You can also search for certain business types such as craft shop, gift shop or pharmacy which might sell locally produced skincare. Google maps then allows you to go directly to their website and also see reviews.  

So it has never been easier to buy local, support your local manufacturers, keep finances in your locality and with less travel for you and your products you will be helping your environment too.

Keegan & Co. supplies products to Croia Ireland and Minimal waste grocery but we also have out own website which you can visit here.


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