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Why is skinimalism the buzziest thing in skincare for 2021?

Buzzwords, trends, the next big thing? Every few months it seems that the skincare and cosmetics industry launch new ranges and products claiming to fill a skincare need you never even knew you had. Along with this comes the buzzwords. The newest and buzziest is skinimalism. But what is skinimalism and should we take notice or file this one under "Fad we won't even remember in 6 weeks!"?

Skinimalist Routine from Keegan & Co. Botanicals

Firstly, what is skinimalism?

It doesn't take a genius to figure out that skin and minimalism are two things that any skin care lover should take notice of especially in a world where eco-friendly choices should be top of everyone's purchasing consciousness. In recent years skincare and other product manufacturers have done amazing research into biodegradable and recyclable packaging and into using more sustainable methods of manufacture. Fair trade, organic, cruelty free and vegan friendly are all common place in skincare produced by large industrial companies as much as small artisan outfits. This is amazing and yes, should be the norm. However, how many large skincare companies tell you to buy less. How many, upon launching another skincare line, take some of their products out of manufacture? How many say, when you buy this product from us you don't really need to buy all of these others too?

The answer is, None! This is because the skincare and cosmetics industry is designed to make you think you not only want more but need more. So, even if they use recycled plastic, fair trade oils and are cruelty free but encourage you to buy at a rate you neither need nor the planet can sustain, how good is that for you or the environment?

Buy what you need but use your treats!

This is where Skinimalism comes in. Skinimalism is about buying what you need, what truly works for you and realising that you don't need multiple products to gain results. "But I love to buy myself a treat skincare product every now and then!!!" I hear you say. Of course, this isn't about not treating yourself but when you do buy a treat product, use it! The amount of times I hear women say that they bought a luxurious serum or body oil but that they don't use them as it's for a special occasion or it's not an every day product. What are you waiting for? Is any day not special enough? Products also have a shelf life so if you don't use them they will go out of date, could go rancid or loose their potency. 

How do you do Skinimalism?

Get ready to channel your inner Marie Kondo, get ruthless, get gifting and streamline your skincare shelf. 

Step 1: Get organising

How many of you have a bathroom cupboard full of half empty products, items you can't even remember buying and some you have barely used? Now is the time to do a skincare spring clean. Get a big box or basket and empty your skincare products into it. Include shampoos, soaps and body washes. Take out each item and decide if it something you still use regularly and bought fairly recently. These items go into a keep pile. If you have more than one of the same type of product do you need that many? So, if you have 3 face serums is there one you can keep? Make a pile of items which are still good to use but that you can gift to a friend or family member. If there are jars with only a tiny amount inside scoop that stuff out and use it! You are going to be well moisturised by the end of this session. If you can't remember when you bought or opened the jar with the tiny amount it's probably better to discard. Wash and squash the jar if it is recyclable plastic or recycle if glass or aluminium. Better still reuse any jars you can. Read our "Don't recycle, reuse" blog post for ideas.

Step 2: Decisions, decisions on treat items

Next are what I call "treat" items. Items you buy less regularly like a sparkly body oil or a fancy face mask. If these are unopened or only recently opened you need to decide on two options. 1. If I keep this will I make the effort to use it or 2. Do I know someone who would use this? If so put the item in the gifts for friends pile. The treat items you are going to keep make sure you actually use them. Keep that fancy night serum next to your bed and use it every night. Place that sparkly body oil in your shower and use it after each wash. Why wait for a going out night? We might be waiting a long time! And what is wrong with sitting binge watching Netflix with a G&T all sparkly and smelling gorgeous!

Step 3: Use what you have

Now is the time to actually use what you have before you buy any more. Don't be tempted by that new, amazing, erases wrinkles in 30 seconds, face cream or the face mask that pulls black gunk out of your pores right before your eyes. You don't need it and your pores aren't that black anyway! Pick one item, say a body lotion you half used which you forgot you even had. Put it somewhere you are likely to see it and use it. If you are most likely to use body lotion after a shower or before you get dressed in the morning put the bottle in your underwear drawer where you will see it and use it after you change your underwear in the morning. If you are more likely to use it in the evening before you go to bed put the bottle in with your pyjamas and apply before you change for bed. When this bottle is empty move onto the next half full one until they are all used.

Step 4: When it is time to restock make Skinimalist choices

We are all conditioned now to choose skincare products based on natural ingredients, eco-friendly packaging, cruelty free or vegan friendly but how do we ensure that we go one step further, buy less and make skinimalist choices? Firstly, try to use products which are multi use. A balm cleanser which doubles as a moisturiser or an essence which can be used as a second cleanse will cut down on the amount you need to buy.

How long your product is likely to last is also important. Oil based products usually have a longer shelf life than those which contain water so look for a product's shelf life. This is usually displayed as an expiration date or PAO (period after opening). Expiration date means you shouldn't use it after the date displayed and POA means you should use the product in the time stated after you open it. For this reason only open a new product when the previous one has been used. Also, store your products in a cool, dark place.

Check to see if the product has number of uses or how long the product is likely to last. A cleanser which you will be likely to get 6 months of daily use from will be a far better investment than one which will last you one month. 

Look for products with fewer but well curated ingredients. Skinimalism is all about taking away the unnecessary and this applies to ingredients too. Many skincare products are packed full of ingredients that don't do very much. Products which use fewer but effective ingredients are preferred.

Companies which produce small batch products will make theirs fresh from soil to skin. Products from larger companies may have been sitting in a warehouse, stock room on a shop shelf for months or years before it arrives in your bathroom cupboard. 

Top 10 ways to become a true Skinimalist

  1. Buy products which are multi use
  2. Look for products with a long shelf life
  3. Look for number of uses or how long will this product last information
  4. Check a product's ingredients list for those with fewer but well selected ingredients
  5. Try to use companies which produce small batch products
  6. Open and use one product at a time
  7. Store your products in a cool, dark place.
  8. Use what you have before buying more
  9. Pick a product you need to use up and put it in a visible place & use those "treat" products!
  10. Gift products you don't use to friends or family

Keegan & Co's Skinimalist routine

Who has time for a ten step skincare routine? Actually, what is the point of a 10 step skincare routine when you will never know if any of your 10 products are actually doing anything for your skin. At Keegan & Co. we have stripped away the hype, the steps and simplified down your routine to the most basic but highly effective, pared back items. Our products have fewer ingredients, made in small batches and are all multi use.

1 Step Routine

Warm an almond sized amount of our moisturising + cleansing balm in your palms and massage on to dry face and neck. Gently massage eye area dissolving any eye makeup. Using our 100% linen face cloth soaked in warm water gently wipe away balm, makeup and grime. On those days you are exhausted this may be enough as our balm moisturises while it cleanses. You may choose to take a tiny amount of balm, warm in your palms and apply as a moisturiser or night balm. During the day always use an SPF.

Optional Step 2

Our Treatment Essence with Hydrating Hyaluronic Acid can also be used as a second cleanse step and as a hydrating serum. Add a few drops to a reusable cotton pad and sweep over your skin or add a few drops directly to your skin and gently pat. Follow with a small amount of our Moisturising + Cleansing Balm.

Optional Step 3 If you use night or day cream

Alternatively, if you use a night cream or day cream with SPF apply this after using the Treatment Essence. Our Bakuchiol Skin Renewal Night Serum can be used at night after our Treatment Essence. You can also add a few drops of our Bakuchiol Skin Renewal Night Serum to your favourite night cream for an added boost. 

And that's it! Buy less, use more, save time and enjoy your journey to becoming a true skinimalist!

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